CCC1: COVID19 Care Centre - Type 1

CCC2: COVID19 Care Centre - Type 2 hide-content-dv

DCHC: Dedicated COVID19 Health Centre

DCH: Dedicated COVID19 Hospitals

Please view the list of various facilities. The admissions to all these are managed & coordinates by Wards & Health teams. In case of any query with regards to these, please call our BMC Helpline No. 1916.

While most of the CCC1 & CCC2 facilities have been activated, others will get activated as per plan.


Containment Zones are places where positives have been detected and that surrounding area have been sealed to protect everyone inside and outside from further spread. There is nothing alarming but just to restrict the virus from spreading beyond the Containment Zone. Essentials to be provided will be organised by BMC and other government institutions. No need to panic by citizens.

Kindly Note : The Containment Zones have been plotted using AI techniques and the perfect location may vary slightly due to various maps alignment issues. The names have been highlighted to guide further.

Kindly Note : This is the revised list of Containment Zones, post rationalisation & reorganisation of the earlier Containment Zones, for better utilisation of manpower & more effective containment.

Kindly Note : The Containment Zones are determined by our Health Dept teams at Wards who do ground level survey, identify areas where covid19 positive cases or their high risk contacts are found to be meeting criteria. This list will continue to be refreshed daily, as there will be additions / deletions / consolidation. The markers on the map will continue to be synchronised with this list - at times, there may be slight lag in doing so due to address matching issues on the map.

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